Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Perfecting the TWIST!!

This started out as a trial run for ways to protect my hair from the cold and winter elements.  But, this process has turned into a monster of its own!!!  I am learning different ways to twist-set my hair.  Dry, wet, after co-wash, before co-wash, at night before bed, in the morning before I put my hat on, air dry, hood dry... and the list goes on. You name it and I've tried it!  The one problem... FRIZZ *insert scream here*.

My first try at a twist set. (Double stand twist all over.)  You can tell how much I like this look by reaction to the picture! lol *failure* I didn't let my hair completely dry.

This is the second day of the very first twist-out (a frizzy mess!!!).

The next day, I decided to just mist my hair and pull it out.  This looks better than day one and two combined but still not a success.

Now, I'm dry flat twisting to my scalp.  I am really digging the fro, but still too frizzy.

Got rid of the frizz but too compact...getting the hang of this thing!

FINALLY!  I got the length and the look that I am looking for! (Two-strand flat twist) My secret product...

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave-in Conditioning Cream!  It has reduced my frizz and it protects my hair from humidity.  It has been the answer to my frizzy prayers!

Day 3- Flat twist!!! Length and no frizz, YAY!!!

Dry twist out