Friday, October 26, 2012

My Arsenal of Products

Staple products are a must in every natural hair arsenal.  I am holding on strong to a few:  Kinky Curly KNOT TODAY, Eco Style OLIVE OIL GEL, 100% natural ALOE VERA GEL, Mizani SUPREME OIL, OLIVE OIL & COCONUT OIL.

I have begin a love affair with Aussie MOIST conditioner, it smells so wonderful and leaves my hair feeling great and tangle free!

I have began a new deep conditioning method that I will feature in my "PRE-POO" segment.

I have also began using henna to naturally color my hair.  I have gotten soooo many compliments on my hair color since I began the process.

I recently purchased the Shea Moisture Curl Milk, I am loving it to refresh second, third, fourth day hair of any style!

Getting the Look!!!

Since I began my natural quest, there has been a look that I wanted my hair to have... 

I wanted that perfect cross between Chaka and Jill...

Well, I am finally WELL on my way to that look!!! (4 years and counting lol)
 I am loving my new look, although I won't wear it like this on a daily basis because I have to blow dry my hair to achieve this look, but it IS an option!!

My hair is now bigger, prettier, stronger and most importantly, HEALTHIER than it has been since I took over the reins!

I am now using henna to color my hair naturally and I am loving the color!  I will create a topic on the henna process soon.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Sister, Naturally....

Oh, my big sister! Keysha, Kelli, Kel-si, Kelli-coolie, sissy (she hates this one), Soror, friend, confidant, etc.  My sister is the BEST BIG SISTER ANY sibling could EVER ask for!!!!! All jokes aside.

She is a great example for what/who a woman should be! ( I'll never be able to live-down saying this but it is true.)

She too has gone on a natural hair journey herself.  The only draw back to her journey is that she is addicted to the pressing comb.  But, a few weekends ago, I went home for a Sorority retreat and I found my momma but could not find my sister.... I had looked at her twice and did not recognize her!! lol She had let the pressing comb loose for the weekend!

Kelli had a FRO!!! :)  She made me soooo proud that weekend.  She is the only one with singing talent in our family and she actually leads songs at church.  But THIS weekend she jump up from the crowd when prompted by the speaker and belted out Jennifer Hudson, like she wrote the song herself!!!  Then she got up infront of the entire chapter and STEPPED!! She even led a step and sung too!!! (One of my fav Delta songs on top of all of that!!!)

My sister is a naturalista, beautiful, loving, intelligent, witty, talented, dedicated, temperant, and the list could go on; but at the end of the day, SHE IS MY SISTER!!!

*muah* Love ya Kelli-coolie! ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Growing/Green Thumb

I started off by wanting to make my patio mor inviting. Then I learned I have a green thumb!!!

Back on a NATURAL HIGH!!!!!

Once again, I am back!! This time I'm on a natural high!!! I haven't been blogging (as much as I wanted to) but I have been reading and trying out some new techniques and products.  I will be adding to/updating some older post and writing some new entries. Sooooo, stay tuned!!!

I am now trying more natural products and naturally coloring my hair...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Sheena (My Natural Hair Stylist)

I found Sheena through a church member of mine, Brenda.  She would rock the cutest natural styles and she always seemed to have the freshest looks.  Sooooo, I asked Brenda what she did to keep her styles so fresh.  She told me about Sheena. :)   Sheena has a gift, she started doing my hair in the summer of 2011.  She did flat twist from the back to the front and then rodded the ends.  I absolutely loved my hair and I knew I would be returning to see her!

And NOW without any further delay.....
Here's Sheena!

Who IS Sheena?!
Hello my name is Sheena Moore. I am 29 years of age. I have been in love with the art of braids and natural hair since the day i got my first barbie doll.

As a little girl I loved playing in hair. I would get my mom's old curling irons and put them on the porch, so that they could get hot to style my dolls. Over time, practice, and study this passion grew into something only God could have granted. Now I am the owner of The Lock Oasis.
**Styling.. (my favorite styles, most asked for, award winning)
 Styling natural hair is fun. Many people believe that natural hair is limited to afro's or locks but there is a strange world that lies in-between the two and I, the braid master, can take you there. I specialize in braids, locks, twist, textured styles and all things natural hair.

I thank Jesus for allowing me to be able to share my knowledge and gift with you. It's my pleasure to make your time with me one of a kind.
Sheena's Place of Business:
The Lock Oasis & Game Face Barbershop

The family of The Lock Oasis specalizes in starter locks, lock grooming, lock repair, lock replenishment,lock extensions, classic cornrows,flat twist, individual braids, comb (coil) twist, double strand twist , twist extensions, senegleese twist, tree braids, sew ins, and much more. At The Lock Oasis there are no limits to what we can do with your natural or transitioning hair.

2129 Bessemer Rd
Birmingham Alabama 35208 USA

Hours of operation:
Closed on Monday and Sunday


Email address:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Newly Natural?

For those that are newly natural, contemplating the creamy crack, or thinking of taking the "journey"...

I found a video on youtube that may be helpful and also this blog topic.
Building A Hair Care Regimen

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

Yazzzzz, I keep hearing the Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince song in my head EVERYTIME I step out my front door!  It is HOT outside already!  I can just imagine what the summer is going to feel like.
Soooooo I decided to get a new 'do for the one-two ('12)! I was so afraid of what my hair was going to do and I was about to cut it!  I called my natural hair stylist Sheena (her information is the topic after this) to make an appointment to get something done to this head.  This is what she created for me and I LOVE it!!!

She gave me a basic double strand twist and rodded ends.  (Even my momma said she likes it and she is not a natural hair fan.)

I promised I would give Alecha a shout out!!!... (The most relaxing shampoo EVER!!!!)

Hello, my name is Alecha Rice; I was born and raised in Birmingham, Al. I’ve been a natural hair stylist for 8 years; and I love every bit of it! I’m very passionate about my work. I really love styling even more when a client says, “I really love my hair!” I’m a very energetic and spontaneous person; & I love to share my enthusiasm for natural hair. I want all of my clients to a have a wonderful experience and to leave feeling blessed and beautiful.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The PERFECT Twist Out!

I have been on a quest for the perfect twist set...

I finally got it!  It does take a combination of products, but it is not time consuming and gives AWESOME results.

 You need:  spray bottle with water, olive oil and setting lotion (mixed), oil to seal ends (I use shea butter or coconut oil), curling cream (I use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie) and gel ( I use Shea Moisture Curling Souffle)
 First:  moisten one side of your head with the water and setting lotion. DO NOT saturate, just make sure it is moist enough to set your twist overnight and be dry in the morning.
 Next: section off about this much hair for each twist, detangle with your fingers and add the curling cream then the gel.  Twist all the way to the end making sure the ends are as smooth as possible and add oil to the twist from root to tip.  Sleep in a satin cap or on a satin pillow case.
My twist don't usually come apart at night because I twist all the way to the end and seal with oil.
 I don't do much to my hair in the morning.  I just put a little oil (doesn't matter what kind)  on the tips of my fingers and untwist my hair FROM ROOT TO TIP.  That method keeps the frizzies down also. I do this almost every night because I like the look of a fresh twist out, but it can go for days and still look good.  I get soooo many complements off my "perfect twist".  Day 1 and Day 2!
Buuuuuttttt, this is what I look like at night before bed LOLOLOLOL MS. CELIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I've Missed YOU!

LAWD!!!! I sure have been missing my time on the keyboard writing about my hair journey!  Once again, I am baaaaacccckkk!!! I've tried a few new products, perfected the twist out and I am ready to share!!  I've added more product reviews and updated some others.  I'm rocking a dry twist out right now and getting soooooo many compliments.  It is getting hot now so I am going to get my hair braided soon.  Pics to follow...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Changing It Up

Somehow, while editing my newest post I've deleted this post.  So, I'll try to at least repost the pics.

I have been trying to find a way to allow my hair to dry on my freshly washed twist with out having to wear them out. 

So I decided to get a quick weave with and "invisible part".  I liked it soooo much that I had a wig made of the same hair.

Below, is the wig that I made from the hair that I used for the quick weave. 
 This was my first attempt at protecting my twist until they dry...
Not really a fan of this one, but it gets the job done!

Whew!!! I'm Baaaaackkkkk!


I had to take an unwanted extended break from blogging because of an addition to my work load.  But I'm baaaaaacccckkkkk!!! lol :) My friend Sha' sent me the picture above that I just HAD to share with you all!  It pretty much sums up why I went natural and despite the negative comments, (which are very few,but still exist) I am STAYING natural! I absolutely love it!
  Currently, I am teaching genetics to my class.  They had an activity the helped them to get to know their peers better (genetically speaking).  One question was do you have naturally curly hair.  And many (most of African descent) did not know that their hair was naturally curly.  I had a conversation with them about how "others" had led us to believe for so long that there was something wrong with the texture of our hair.  I gave them an explanation of why our hair was the way it was and that we are unique because of it.  If our African ancestors had straight hair their heads would have LITERALLY fried in the Saharan sun!  And for that reason, if no other, we have to realize that we are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made! *smooches*