Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Routine...spelled out!

Hi, my name is Candyce and I'm a PRODUCT JUNKIE (PJ)!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :)
-I apply a handful (sometimes 2) of coconut oil to my entire head and place a plastic cap on it for 15-30 minutes. (I usually find something to do around the house to occupy the time.)
-This is new to my routine...
I dampen my hair (don't saturate, it's easy to do) and apply my deep conditioner (dc)**I used Paul Mitchell The Mask on 9/28**, put my plastic cap back on and sit under the hooded dryer for 10 minutes.  I walk around with the cap on for about 10-15 minutes after I turn off the dryer.  (occupy time)

"In the shower":
-I massage my scalp with the dc and stand under the water and let it stream down. 
-Finger detangle my hair as much as possible, then use a wide tooth seemless comb to finish.
-I co-wash **used Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner 9/28** my hair. I leave it in while I wash my body and by then it is soooo manageable! Rinse out completely!
-To keep my tresses tangle-free I put a quater size amount of Kinky Curly Knot Today for "slippage" and as a leave-in.
-I let my hair drip dry and shake from left to right to rid of some of the water.

"Out of the shower":
-I use a white t-shirt to dry my hair. (Towels tangle my hair up.)
-I apply Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel (to add moisture).
-Apply Kera Care Leave-in Conditioner
-SEAL with natural oils (coconut, extra virgin olive, castor, vitamin E oils mixed)
-Apply Mizani Moisture Stretch and finger style

"Day 2" Hair:
-Add a quarter size amount to two sections (divided down the middle) of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  It smells great and moisturizes my hair before I seal it.
-Spray with water, natural oils and liquid leave in conditioner (put in spray bottle and shake well).
-Apply Mizani Supreme Oil. IT SMELLS AWESOME!!! (I can't say it enough!)
-Apply EcoStyle Olive Oil gel and finger style.
-Sometimes my day 2 (or 3) hair becomes a little frizzy, so I like to add Smooth and Shine Curling Mousse to define my curls and
-When I have time I like to stretch my hair by doing a dry double strand twist set and rolling the ends with flexi-rods.

During the Week:  I like to put oil on my scalp to keep it healthy.  I read on one of my fav websites about Wild Growth Hair oil and I have been using it between washes on dry hair.

Products I like to use:
CONDITIONERS: Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish Intense Moisturizing Mask,  KC Knot Today, Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing, Paul Mitchell The Masque,  Tresemme Naturals Nourishing

LEAVE-INS/MOISTURIZERS: Kera Care Leave-In, Kinky Curly Knot Today, Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel, Cantu Shea Butter

STYLERS:  Mizani Moisture Stretch, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Eco Style Olive Oil Gel, Smooth and Shine Curling Mousse

OILS:  Wild Growth Hair Oil, My Recipe:  EVOO, Coconut, Vitamin E and Castor Oils


(9/23) I have been reading about different methods to use to help keep your hair from tangling and becoming more manageable.  I've read about twisting your hair prior to washing, using seamless combs and so on.  I have tried them all.  My hair was still a tangled mess.  UNTIL I began pre-pooing!!! I simply coat my entire head with coconut oil prior to washing and leave for 15 minutes.  The texture of my hair is soooo much softer and easier to manage from just taking a little time pre-shower to manage my tresses.

This week (9/26/11)  I decided to pre-poo and take it a step further.  I put the coconut oil on my hair and put a plastic cap on while I washed a load of clothes and folded the towels out of the dryer.  I then had a bright idea to deep condition my hair before I co-washed and stretched with milk.  I put my deep conditioner with protein in my hair (Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment).  I placed the plastic cap on  my head and sat under the hooded dryer for 10 minutes.  I then proceeded with my co-washing routine.  Try it and see how it works for you to have a pre-poo regimen.

Last week I didn't wash my hair... it was toooooo  cold to open up my pores!!

This week (10/8/11) I pre-pooed and applied product and went to work!! My hair didn't look all that great, but I knew the outcome was more important! I actually didn't co-wash my hair until that Saturday night and the next day my hair was GLEAMING!!! It was soft, manageable and the curls were really defined.
Fast forward (10/14/11) almost a week later and when I woke up this morning I looked at my hair and the curls were soooo pretty.  I did nothing but put Supreme Oil on it and GO!!! Check me out with my favorite earrings that I purchased from ACCESSORIZING YOU (! (Thanks Sha'!)
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8/28/12 OMG!!! Do I have the update for you!!!!
I was reading on CurlyNikki and found the ultimate pre-poo recipe.
I've tweeked it a bit to fit my liking...
Use an empty bottle that you have to combine these ingredients:
2 tbs of your favorite conditioner, olive oil, coconut oil, and honey.  Shake it up and apply all over your hair.  Put a plastic cap on and leave for 30 minutes or more.  Rinse with the coldest water you can stand.  Co-wash your hair with your favorite conditioner and style.  I have the softest hair and the bounciest curls ever!!! 
-I found it is also the answer to deep conditioning.  If you do it before, you don't have to do it after!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My favorite websites and blogs...

I consider myself a sponge.  Therefore, I am always trying to absorb information that is going to help me along this curly journey.  A friend of mine, who started her trip before me, suggested that I look at  It has been the MOST resourceful website that I have found that has helped me along each twist and turn.  It is my ABSOLUTE fav go to site for all things curly, from styles to products, do's and don'ts, finding you natural "hair type", product swaps, blogs, celebrity interviews, how-to videos, and more!!! It even has a curly dictionary!!!  Nikki, the creator of the site, even has a section where she tells all about her, her journey and even her fav products.  Within that site there are links to other sites like where they have contest you can enter to win free products and where you can purchase the products you read about on curlynikki and

Within that site I have found a few blogs/testimonials that have been EXTREMELY helpful on my journey.
As I find other sites that are helpful I will update this blog.
UPDATE: (9/24/11)  I found a new site !!!!  It has a great list of familiar products with her (Kcurly) personal review of them.  She has a BEAUTIFUL head of natural hair that she goes through lengths to share her story with pics included (like me :)) But what I like MOST is that she has a link where she shares over 100 different styles that can be done on natural hair!!! I'M SOLD!!  I'm going to share my story (cross your fingers it gets posted).  There is just one drawback...too many ads.
UPDATE: (10/31/11) I have been featured on the blog site!!! YAY!!! Check it out!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shrinkage (Stretching experience)

When I wash my hair my curls are elongated and relaxed.  I would like for my hair to stay that way, but it is too much like right!!!
My hair shrinks about 50% of its length from wet to dry.
Currently, I am trying to stretch my hair.  I've been doing some research and I have found some different suggestions and recipes to help stretch my spirals.

There are a few forms that I found that has been suggested to help stretch naturally curly hair.
1.  Using a form of lactic acid (milk, sour cream, yogurt)
2. Twist and wash
3. Wash and twist
4. Blow Dry roots
so on and so on...

Because I do not add heat to my  hair often #4 is out of the question to stretch my tresses on a daily basis.

1 day after

I am using a product by Mizani called Moisture Stretch that does an ok job of stretching my hair a bit more than it would do on its own.
In the picture above I used milk to stretch my hair after co-washing with Tresemme naturals conditioner (I love it because of the natural ingredients and it is CHEAP for a large quantity) and Kinky Curly Knot Today (one of my ABSOLUTE fav products for detangling and easy management) as a leave in. I applied Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel (to moisturize) and my homemade oil (coconut, evoo, Vitamin E, and castor oils) to seal and Moisture Stretch (to stretch and define curls).  After applying my products I two-strand twisted (about 8), coiled and secured them with bobby pins to dry overnight. I sleep with a satin pillow case and a satin bonnet (when my hair is wet).  In the morning when my hair is ALMOST dry, I apply Shea Moisture Smoothie to my hair and finger through the twist.

I did get more stretch out of my hair after twisting but I do not like the end result.  My curls are matted and less defined after doing the twist on my hair.  I don't think I will use the twisting while dry technique anymore. Nevertheless, my curly for turned out REALLY pretty but eventually shrunk up because it was not completely dry when I took the twist down. (I may need to sit under the dryer for about 15-20 min. before going to bed.)  I got tons of compliments on yesterday (even from male students, they don't tend to compliment on my hair) and request for what I use and how I get my hair to look like this. :)

What's Next:  I am going to try the milk with the twist and wash technique...
UPDATE (9/28/11):  So, I tried the milk...
Immediately after co-washing and applying milk, aloe vera, homemade oil, and Moisture Stretch (It feels sooooo good!!!)

About 2 hours after... My hair is STILL damp!! SMH!! Still feels great though!

Day 2- I put Mizani Supreme Oil (smells AWESOME) and Shea Moisture Smoothie to define curls.  My hair still feels sooooo gooooood! lol :) I can't keep my hands out of it! EcoStyle Olive Oil gel to smooth my edges for my updo.

10/31/11-  I decided to try the dry stretching techniques since the other ones have not worked out so well for me.  I double strand-flat twisted my hair and rolled on the ends with rods and allowed it to dry for a little over a day.  This style gave me some length but when I sweat (in my head 1st) it causes my hair to draw up and become bushy...

11/21/11- I washed my hair with the flat twist still in my hair and allowed it to dry.
OMG!! Between stretching and using that WILD GROWTH HAIR OIL and adopting the "hands-off" approach, my hair is REALLY growing and I get so many questions about what I'm doing and compliments about how my hair is growing!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

All about CurlyDivaCandy...

Who IS CurlyDivaCandy?!
I am a 29 year old science educator who loves teaching and I hope to one day become an educational consultant and no longer teach in the classroom. I am a TRUE product junkie (pj)!!!! I like to scrapbook, sew and do craft projects.  I am a very social person and an avid Tweeter!!!

My Natural Journey
**How long I've been natural and why...
I have been natural since April 2009.  (This is my second time going natural.  The first time I did the BC (big chop) and wore my hair in a curly afro for about a year (2006-2007), I did not like the way my hair looked in a short afro and I relaxed my hair and grew it back out.) The first time I went natural I decided to do the BC because I had worn a relaxer since I was five.  I did my first BC at 24 because I did not know the true texture of my natural hair.  I would wear my hair wet with a relaxer and my hair would have a really nice curl pattern to it. So I decided to see what it would do without a relaxer completely.  The second time I was diagnosed with diabetes and the medicine I was taking was making my hair thinner.  I grew my hair out and had my ends trimmed every six weeks until all of the relaxer was gone. 
I usually wear my hair in a curly afro or pulled back in a high curly puff.  I've never pressed my hair but since April 2009 I have flat-ironed my hair twice (October 2010, September 2011).  Because I sweat in my head I don't like to straighten my hair out.  The styles do not last longer than a day and it causes me to have to use too much heat on a daily basis.  Th e only time I apply heat to my hair is when I blow it out to trim my ends every two months.
Every three months I get my hair flat twisted or done in some protective style.
**What I'm learning...
 My hair is very unique.  Since I went natural, my sister has also.  Our textures/color is totally different! My hair is very soft and fine and does not respond if it is not oiled!  My hair DRINKS oil! My hair tangles very easy and can only be combed while wet!
**Suggestions for those thinking of going natural...
I don't think that it is the only way, but it is the only way for me.  Each person/head of hair is different!  You have to do what is best for you!  Products that work for me may not work for someone else with the same type of hair (4a).  SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO!!! Shampoos cause my hair to tangle to the point where I can not comb it!  I co-wash every week and wash every month with a sulfate-free shampoo (I love Mizani's Natural Textures shampoo and cream cleanser!)
**For those who have chosen the natural path...
Patience is the key!!! Every product will not work for you!  Keep you hair oiled with natural oils (I make my own combo with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Castor Oil) and stay away from shampooing as much as possible.  While transitioning I did not do a BC the second time.  I wore twist outs that I did weekly and rolled using sponge rollers or rods.  DEEP CONDITIONING is the key to manageable natural/transitioning hair!!!! (That means putting the conditioner, preferably one that says leave on your hair longer than five minutes and is heavy in texture, on and leaving on 45 minutes to an hour or 10 with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer.)

**Products I am using and Swear by...
My staple products are my homemade oil (recipe above), Knot Today by Kinky Curly, Eco Style Olive Oil Gel, Moisture Stretch by Mizani, and Supreme Oil by Mizani. 
Because I am a pj (product junkie) I try other products in conjunction with these staples.  At the moment I am using Mizani's sulfate-free shampoo Curl Balance (once a month, so a bottle of shampoo literally lasts me over a year), I co-wash with Suave's Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner, Deep condition (everytime you shampoo or co-wash) with Mizani's Curl Replenish or Jane Carter's Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner, KCKT as a leave in conditioner, 100% Aloe Vera Gell (for moisture), Homemade Oil (to seal in moisture), Mizani Moisture Stretch and when my hair dries I add Mizani's Supreme Oil for a little shine and IT SMELLS AWESOME!!!
Most days I wear a strech band (without the metal) to keep my hair out of my face. On days that I style my hair I put Eco Style Olive Oil Gel on my edges to keep my hair in place without it becoming flaky or sticky
Freshly washed and DC hair 
**My trials and tribulations...
As you can see from the picture my biggest issue right now is shrinkage.  I have been doing research to find ways to stretch my hair. 
I first started by using the Moisture Stretch by Mizani and it actually stretches my hair!  I still want more length to my coils so I have been using lactic acid (milk, yogurt, & sour cream) to try and stretch it even more.  I've already tried sour cream and didn't get much of a result. (The MS does a better job alone.) Next, I'm going to try milk. 
My blowout look
 Flat/double strand protective twist
Daily Look 1-
Daily Look 2-
 Blowout and rolled on sponge rollers-
Using a banana clip-
 "Going Out Look" faux hawk-