Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My favorite websites and blogs...

I consider myself a sponge.  Therefore, I am always trying to absorb information that is going to help me along this curly journey.  A friend of mine, who started her trip before me, suggested that I look at  It has been the MOST resourceful website that I have found that has helped me along each twist and turn.  It is my ABSOLUTE fav go to site for all things curly, from styles to products, do's and don'ts, finding you natural "hair type", product swaps, blogs, celebrity interviews, how-to videos, and more!!! It even has a curly dictionary!!!  Nikki, the creator of the site, even has a section where she tells all about her, her journey and even her fav products.  Within that site there are links to other sites like where they have contest you can enter to win free products and where you can purchase the products you read about on curlynikki and

Within that site I have found a few blogs/testimonials that have been EXTREMELY helpful on my journey.
As I find other sites that are helpful I will update this blog.
UPDATE: (9/24/11)  I found a new site !!!!  It has a great list of familiar products with her (Kcurly) personal review of them.  She has a BEAUTIFUL head of natural hair that she goes through lengths to share her story with pics included (like me :)) But what I like MOST is that she has a link where she shares over 100 different styles that can be done on natural hair!!! I'M SOLD!!  I'm going to share my story (cross your fingers it gets posted).  There is just one drawback...too many ads.
UPDATE: (10/31/11) I have been featured on the blog site!!! YAY!!! Check it out!