Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Sister, Naturally....

Oh, my big sister! Keysha, Kelli, Kel-si, Kelli-coolie, sissy (she hates this one), Soror, friend, confidant, etc.  My sister is the BEST BIG SISTER ANY sibling could EVER ask for!!!!! All jokes aside.

She is a great example for what/who a woman should be! ( I'll never be able to live-down saying this but it is true.)

She too has gone on a natural hair journey herself.  The only draw back to her journey is that she is addicted to the pressing comb.  But, a few weekends ago, I went home for a Sorority retreat and I found my momma but could not find my sister.... I had looked at her twice and did not recognize her!! lol She had let the pressing comb loose for the weekend!

Kelli had a FRO!!! :)  She made me soooo proud that weekend.  She is the only one with singing talent in our family and she actually leads songs at church.  But THIS weekend she jump up from the crowd when prompted by the speaker and belted out Jennifer Hudson, like she wrote the song herself!!!  Then she got up infront of the entire chapter and STEPPED!! She even led a step and sung too!!! (One of my fav Delta songs on top of all of that!!!)

My sister is a naturalista, beautiful, loving, intelligent, witty, talented, dedicated, temperant, and the list could go on; but at the end of the day, SHE IS MY SISTER!!!

*muah* Love ya Kelli-coolie! ;)