Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

Yazzzzz, I keep hearing the Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince song in my head EVERYTIME I step out my front door!  It is HOT outside already!  I can just imagine what the summer is going to feel like.
Soooooo I decided to get a new 'do for the one-two ('12)! I was so afraid of what my hair was going to do and I was about to cut it!  I called my natural hair stylist Sheena (her information is the topic after this) to make an appointment to get something done to this head.  This is what she created for me and I LOVE it!!!

She gave me a basic double strand twist and rodded ends.  (Even my momma said she likes it and she is not a natural hair fan.)

I promised I would give Alecha a shout out!!!... (The most relaxing shampoo EVER!!!!)

Hello, my name is Alecha Rice; I was born and raised in Birmingham, Al. I’ve been a natural hair stylist for 8 years; and I love every bit of it! I’m very passionate about my work. I really love styling even more when a client says, “I really love my hair!” I’m a very energetic and spontaneous person; & I love to share my enthusiasm for natural hair. I want all of my clients to a have a wonderful experience and to leave feeling blessed and beautiful.