Thursday, October 27, 2011

Protective Styling

10/17/11-I have been reading some post/blogs about protective styling and now I am ready to try and see how this works for the length of my hair during the fall and winter months.  I've decided to try some of the techniques/videos I've seen on various websites and videos.  Here we go...
Flat twist in the front and wash n' go in the back.
 Flat twist in the front and double strand twist in the back.
 Flat twist in the front, double strand twist in the back.
 Flat twist in the back toward the front and double strand twist, then rodded on the ends.
 My DIVA look... MY FAV!!!

So far, these are the protective styles that I have tried.  I will try more and update as I go along.   I'm not really a fan of wearing my hair twisted up to go to work but I will try some wigs over my twist to look more professional. 

Twist out from protective style
My 'fro is growing!!!

As much as I despise hats, I am now wearing them to protect my hair from the harsh winter air...

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It was cold this day, so I had the wig AND a hat on, this RARELY happens.  Lol #hotbox

When it starts to get warm I'll throw this had on instead of a wig to run errands.
This summer I let Sheena Double Strand Twist my natural hair. 6/12

I have begun to experiment with putting my hair up in different styles from inspirations off of PINTEREST (yes I'm addicted).