Friday, October 14, 2011

Sealing Hair

Oh am I LEARNING!!! Starting this blog has caused me to be more meticulous about what I put on my hair and how I treat it!  As a little girl I knew that my hair "drinks oil" as my mom would say.   I am just now learning that that was a false statement and what is REALLY happening! 
My hair is extremely porous! Which means that my hair saturates quickly, dries quickly without product and it takes FOREVER to dry once products are applied.  Knowing that helps me deal with my hair in a totally different way. 
     If I do not apply product to my hair before allowing it to air dry it is a crunchy mess!!  Therefore, I have learned that there IS a science to the order you apply products.  Growing up we always put grease on my hair everyday and much to our dismay my hair would look like a dust bowl, literally by the time I was picked up from school. We were doing it ALL wrong!
     Even as an adult, until recently, I would put my homemade oil on my hair before my moistrizer/leave-in.  Now, after finish my "in the shower routine", (you can read about it in my "Regimine" post) I put my aloe vera gel (to add to the moisture of my hair before I seal). Then, I put my leave-in conditioner on and SEAL my hair with my recipe for oil that I make at home (in the same post mentioned earlier) or Supreme Oil. My hair is soooo soft and manageable.  It no longer has that "dusty" appearance.
     Sealing you hair is important to keep the moisture IN that you want in, especially when you hair is porous.

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